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healthy lunchbox

HEALTHY LUNCHBOX ASSESSMENT TASK TWOUsing word or power point you are to design and plan a healthy, nutritious lunchbox suitable for a high school student. Include all the criteria below. Criteria1. Copy and paste the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Adolescents, The Six Food Nutrients, The 5 Food Groups and any other resource information (reference the site you used). 5 marks2. Type out your healthy lunchbox contents and include images of the food/drink. Use the information from Question 1 to help you decide on appropriate contents.Other factors to consider include: how to keep the food cool if necessary is there a variety of flavours and textures? is there enough water or liquids? 8 marks3. Justify your lunchbox contents, using full sentences and a minimum of 4 paragraphs. Why did you choose what you did? How do they appeal to adolescents? How do they meet the dietary guidelines? Why are they suitable for a lunchbox? (packaging, convenience?) 8 marks4. Identify any snack foods in your lunchbox and justify your choices.4 marks5. Type out what you usually bring to or buy at school most days for lunch. 4 marksHow does this compare to your 'healthy' lunchbox? 6. Type out changes or substitutions you could make to your current lunches to make them healthier? For example: fruit instead of chocolates, wholegrain bread instead of white, water instead of energy drinks etc. 6 marksEach criteria should be on a new page. Include appropriate images. Use colour and formatting to improve the aesthetic appeal of your assessment.5 marksTOTAL 40 MARKS

Healthy Lunchbox


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