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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Practice 1: Food PyramidIt is important to put healthy foods into your body, but you also have to keep in mind that your eating the right amount of each food group! Click the title of this section to fuel your rocket with the proper food groups in order to blast off!

Teach 1: ExerciseEating right isn't the only thing you need to do to be a healthy person. It takes a combination of eating right and exercising daily to keep your body healthy! Click the title of this section to learn more about things in your area you can do that can help you stay active!

Assessment: Now it's your turn!!Make your own food pyramid by using a large piece of construction paper and images of different types of food. Arrange the food types into the different groups of the pyramid. Add at least five food images within each food group. Around the pyramid include daily exercises and water!

Practice 2: Click the blue plate to the left to play an interactive game that teaches the five food groups, their daily serving sizes, and the daily recommended time spent on exercise.

Teach 2: Make sure to get your ZZZ's...Did you know, most kids between the ages of 5 and 12 don't get enough sleep? To find out how much sleep you need in order to feel your best click on the title of this section!

Don't forget! Keep hydrated by drinking water!

Purpose of Lesson: To educate students on three different components of a healthy lifestyle.

Objective: Students will develop an understanding of components to living a healthy lifestyle in order to construct their own food pyramid.


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