Healthy Living Assignment

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Healthy Living Assignment

Sugar sweetened drinks have been linked to excess weight gain in children and teenagers

Healthy Eating

Get Schooled on Healthy Eatinghere are a few facts about child and teen eating habits in Canada.1. Only 50% of Canadian Children are getting the minimum number of servings per day of vegetables and fruit2. One in three children are below the recommended minimum servings for milk products3. For adolescents aged 14 to 18, the figure for the consumption of 'other foods' was 25%. (Other foods include fats, oils, foods high in sugar, herbs, and condiments.)4. Food or drink consumed between meals account for more calories than breakfast, and about the same amount as lunch (27%).

Did you know?

To calculate the amount of water you should be drinking, it is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in ounces every day. For and idea of how much water you should drink, take a look at the chart on the left.

"Eat your Vegetables!"

and eating with alternative diets

Vegetarians: Get your protein here!- 1 cup of lentils= 18g of protein- 2 tbsp of nut butter= 8g of protein- 1 cup of spinach gives 7g of protein-1 cup of milk gives you 8g of protein- 1 hard-boiled egg has 6g of protein-(23 grams of protein in 1 fillet of fish)

Other Ways To Get In Your Fruits And Veggies- Stir berries into your yogurt, cerial, or oatmeal- Make this "Salad in a Glass" Smoothie.- Make an omelet with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms or onions.- Double the amount of fruits or vegetables in your recipes-Try to eat a new vegetable every week.

Stop snacking on fast food and start eating good food!-Baby carrots with 2 tbsp of hummus-1 tbsp of peanuts and 2 tbsp of dried cranberries make a delicious trail mix.-1 cup of berries dipped in yougurt-Peanunt butter with an apple or on a slice of whole grain toast.

Healthy and delicious? I think I'm in love!

Click here for more details on eating gluten-free

Thinking of going gluten-free?

How to get rid of gluten1. clean out your kitchen and remove all the gluten2. Start by sticking to just fresh produce and meats.3. Slowly introduce gluten-free labeled products into your diet4. Check food labels for gluten content5. Buy gluten-free products for your house (ex. Shampoo)

Can't drink milk?here are other foods with calcium!1. Green Vegetables: Spinach, kale and broccoli all have calcium.2. Seeds: Seasame seeds are loaded with calcium.3. Nuts: brazil nuts and almonds are excellent sources of calcium.

It's important to get enough dairy and calcium for strong bones!



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