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Healthy Lifestyle

You're on your way to a healthier start!Look at Linda on the left who happens to be Daniels' best friend! She pushed away those filthy carbs and ate that fabulous apple. Get it Linda! You could be Linda if you control what you eat more and choose what you want on your plate wisely. On occasion you could still eat that bag of chips just keep it in moderation and you will be good!

To improve your ways...Start by eating balanced meals that have the items you should eat. This should have a piece of meat, vegetables, and some grains with a side of a milk product. If you are needing a sweet fix, substitute a sugar packed candy bar for some delicious fruits that will help your body. Pair eating right with exercising on a daily basis and you will look like our friend, Daniel, on the right!

If you were reluctant when asking yourself this, you should take your health more seriously!

Have you ever asked yourself if your lifestyle was healthy for you?


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