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Health & Fitness

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Healthy Lifestyle


HAVE A GOOD SLEEPPING- sleep 8-10 hours every day;- try to get up at the same time evey day;- say no to sugar-loaded energy drinks and to lale-night TV;

Every person wants to livea happy life.Have a big family,travel around the world,etc.All this things don't will be in your life without a power health.Follow these simple rules - and then you will be happy.

KEEP YOUR ORMAL FRAME- make exercises regime;- make morning exercises;- run and jog;- stretch;- jump;

EATING HABITS- eat a variety food;- whole-grain products;- fruit and vegetables 2-3 portions a day;- nuts and vegetables oil;- dairy products;- fish,meat,chicken,turkey;- drink water;

ENTERTAINTMENT- be positive;- laugh and smile;- do nothing for a short while,relax;- do something you love;- meet with your friends and travel;- feel good about yourself;


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