Healthy Food Choices

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Healthy Food Choices

Samantha AdornettoHES 160Novemeber 13, 2013Dr. Bush-Wallace

Education is the Key to SuccessMost individuals know that there are benefits to having a balanced nutritional diet but most don't know how to achieve it and what benefits actually follow it. People don't realize the power they have over their future regarding their health and what they can do by simply being educated and choosing the right foods.

Healthy Food Choices

Eating healthy is not a diet; it's a lifestyle because diets are considered temporary. This change an individual will choose to make to promote good health will be a lifelong change. A healthy diet starts with being educated and knowledgeable about what individuals are consuming, how much of each nutrient they need and what foods contain what nutrients. People need to understand the terms balance, variety and moderation and how these apply to their everyday food choices. Once people are educated about the values of nutrition they will be able to make more appropriate food choices that will benefit them in many ways.

-Lack of education on heathy eating-Foods being affordable-Foods being accessible -Diseases:-Cardiovascular disease-Hypertension -Stroke- Some Cancers-Diabetes-Over Weight/ Obesity-Criticism/ Relapse

-Reduces risks of diseases-Promotes good health-Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight-Psychological effects:-Improve cognitive function-Improve long/short term mental health-Prevention of mental health problems -Improving the quality of life-Positive moods:-Energy-Self-esteem- Motivation

IntroductionHealthy eating is an essential part of an individual's health and appearance. Healthy eating means to consume the necessary foods and beverages for the body's nutritional needs. Regular consumption of a variety of foods by which are balanced helps meet the body's requirements for growth and development and is an essential part in living a healthy lifestyle. There are guidelines that make up the Food Pyramid or My Plate that a healthy eating individual can refer to so that they can consume a variety of foods from the major food groups. Following healthy guidelines provides your body with all of the energy and nutrients it needs to maintain healthy organs and to function properly, while encouraging optimal growth and development (8). The guidelines help lead people in the right direction to making healthy food choices and those choices reflect their health and how they feel each day.



Strategies for food servings and portion sizes



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