Healthy eating

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Healthy eating


Background Information:This group has some behavioural and emotional difficulties, it's not easy to motivate them and their English level is not really a 3rd grade one.They have problems to be in silence and to pay attention. There are also constant conflicts between them.In this session the group is divided in two, so we have about 10-12 children in class.


3rd gradeUnit 3: MEALS

Time: 30’Interaction: T-Ss / Ss-SsSkills: InteractingMaterials: Food images, A3 sheet.


Learning objectives- To develop a conception of a healthy diet.- To learn to work cooperatively with others.- To know vocabulary about food: chicken, cheese, fish, rice, orange juice, salad, sandwiches, ice cream...- To learn the structure:I have … for (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Assessment:- Evaluation of initial knowledge.- Formative evaluation at the end of the session.

Competencies involved:- Ability to communicate and understand.- Teamwork.- Autonomy and personal initiative.

3. RevisionReview with the students what has been done, and think together about the difficulties encountered, how can we do it better, etc.

Time: 20’Interaction: T-Ss / Ss-SsSkills: Speaking - InteractingMaterials: Alisha and Ronnie (Food, a fact of life)§ionId=61&contentId=58 (ICT resource)

1. What is a balanced diet?To activate previous knowledge and extract conceptions about what students consider a balanced menu: play in teams to an online game where students can choose foods for different meals a day. Finally, students can see if their choice is considered balanced or not, it is very visual, and you can think about it together.

Time: 10’Interaction: T-SsSkills: InteractingMaterials: no needed

2. Creating a healthy menu.In groups of 3-4 students, they will prepare a menu. Explain them that the goal is to expose it to their classmates in another session and it should be a balanced menu, like we saw in the previous activity. It’s very important to stress that they have to discuss and agree with their mates.


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