Healthy diet

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Healthy diet

Healthy diet

Sports diet



The piramide of food

Balanced diet

Good proportions in your meals

Diet should be fitted for athlete for sex, century (age) and kind of cultivated (grown) sports discipline. Information of its (his) character is important also, if (or) there is endurance sport, strength-testing, sprint if (or) other. It effects constructing menu for athlete also, if (or) he (it) is placed in preliminary phase of training and if sport cultivates (grow) regularly. Most important feed components, athlete should supply that organism, it white (protein) and carbohydrates. Many persons accepts sport special supplements of diets cultivating (grow) regularly. They supply essential nutritious components, they effect increase of muscle mass by that.

- Eat meals regularly and snacks, daily diversifying it (them) < eat >- eat in (to) rich products a lot fibre and I scrape- don't eat much fat- big amounts of sugar eat inclusive products often- vitamins and mineral components- alcohol drinking, maintain moderation- use moderate amounts of salts for cooking- don't salt to much when you making your meals- eat so many (so much) < rear >, in order to keep (maintain) constant (solid) weight- remember, that meals not only, and also snacks decide about achieved proportions in consuming of different product group.

Principles of diets for athletes:First of all, menu should include (reach; make) big amounts of carbohydrates for athletes and whites (proteins). Carbohydrates are incinerated during training, but for (after) its (his) completion for regeneration of muscle fiber expendable < consume >. All-out requests for energies should supply carbohydrates within day 55-60%. And so menu should include (reach; make) big amounts of such products for athletes, as cereals, brown rice eats , spaghetti, whole-meal bread, oat petals. It eats during each meal. If we will eat them, organism will have stockpile of energy on period of exercise.

How to make meals:


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