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Healthy Active Living

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What you need:-Swim suit ($10 or more, Walmart)-Body of water (lake, backyard pool, or public pool)-Backyard pool, new ($70 or more, Walmart) or used (possibly less, second hand store)Where to do it:There are many different places you can swim, some may cost money, but others are completely free. I go to a lake in Fenelon Falls sometimes at no cost, but I still need a ride. You can even swim in a backyard pool which means there is no transportation needed. If you live in Lindsay the Rec Centre is a great place to swim also, you may need a ride if you can't walk there, they do have an admission fee and summer schedules haven't been posted.Adult (15 years +)---------------------------------------$5.11Couple Family/Group---------------------------------$11.49 Why I Will Do It:-It is a fun way to exercise-Increases the strength of all your muscles -I have a pool to swim in

What you need:- One pair of running shoes ($10 or more, Walmart)Where To Do It:Jogging is an easy activity, you don't need to sign up, and there isn't a specific schedule you need to follow. The only thing you need is a place to jog and you can do that anywhere. In my opinion, I would jog outside in the country, but you can do it in the city as well. Why I Will Do It:-Boosts your cardiovascular fitness -No transportation needed-Low cost

What you need:-A bicycle, new ($70 or more, Walmart) or used (possibly less, second hand store)-A helmet, new ($10 or more, Walmart) or used (possibly less, second hand store)Where to do it:You don't need to sign up for any fancy clubs to bike, you can bike in your backyard, in the country, or in your neighborhood.You just need to be safe. Cycling is also a way of transportation. Why I Will Do It:-Improves your balance-Increases your muscle strength-No transportations needed




All these activities are tailored for me, so most of them are at home activities. Sometimes I have trouble finding a ride to participate in most activities, so I chose activities that take place near me. Most of them are cost efficient and have no specific schedule, so I am able to do them when I want to. Finally, I chose activities that I will enjoy.


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