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National Healthcare SystemA national healthcare system provides universal care. Universal health care extends care to everyone, regardless of social or financial status. Many die yearly because they do not have access to healthcare. With a national healthcare system in place everyone will have access to care. Studies have shown that people in countries with a national healthcare system have a longer life span. That should be reason enough to implement a national healthcare system.

Medicare and MedicaidMedicaid is the third largest source of health insurance in the United States. Those who qualify for Medicaid often find themselves with a complicated application process, more doctor visits than others, less access to speciality care and the overall thought of medicaid being unattractive to physicians. I propose that the application process be less complicated with the help of free assistance and that medicaid should be expanded.

Lobbyist1. The American Hospital Association focuses on effective and efficient provision of America's healthcare networks. 2. The Blue Cross/Blue Shield focuses on insurance issues.

Legislation Provide families with the security of affordable healthcare coverage they deserve. Too many of our people are suffering or dying due to lack of health insurance.



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