Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare Reform

How Will We Pay For This?Almost $400 billion dollars are wasted each year on paperwork costs under the current system (Physicians for a National Health Program, 2015). Healthcare dollars are wasted on things that have nothing to do with care such as; overhead, underwriting, billing, sales and marketing departments as well as huge profits and extremely high executive salaries. One-third of all healthcare dollars are spent on administrative costs. If we can funnel all of this paperwork through one source and decrease the amount of paperwork required we could use these funds to support our single payer system. eliminating private insurers and recapturing their administrative waste. We would initiate a new tax based on ability to pay that would replace deductibles and uncovered medical costsodest new taxes, based on ability to. Costs would be controlled by negotiating fees for services, global budgeting for hospitals and bulk purchasing for needed medical equipment.

Why We Need Reform1. Americans are working longer and harder to pay for healthcare.2. American businesses are being forced out of business due to the rising cost of health insurance coverage for their employees.3. People are being forced to make changes in where and how they live due to the cost of healthcare. Millions are currently uninsured including nine million children.5. Half of all bankruptcy claims are due to medical bills. 6.We spend more on healthcare than any other country but are ranked 47th in life expectancy (National Party Platforms on hHealthcare, 2012).

Healthcare Platform

Putting the People First

How to Build the System1. Adopt state-of- the- art information systems that would allow an ease of data sharing.2. Reimbursment incentives to physicians who work collaboratively to coordinate care in an effort to decrease costs. 3. Develop an independent review board that will review medical devices, prescription medications, and procedures to be sure that people are getting the care they need when they need it (Physicians for a National Health Program, 2015).

Projected Cost

ProposolAdopt a national single-payer healthcare system that offers lifetime benefits in medical, dental, vision, hospice, and long-term care insurance. This system would also offer comprehensive coverage for those needing mental health and substance abuse services. This system will not discriminate against people for pre-existing conditions.

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Single-Payer System

View on a National Healthcare SystemI personally think a national healthcare system could be the answer we need to provide affordable insurance for all Americans.Currently we live in a very litigiuous society. This forces physicians to order unneccessary testing. A national health system would allow all Americans to be covered for all medically necessary services, including: doctor, hospital, preventive, long-term care, mental health, dental, vision, prescription drug and medical supply costs. Currently people do not seek care due to financial barriers. They are unable to pay their co-pays or deductibles. In our facility the majority of charity care we provide is to people who are insured but cannot afford the high deductibles in their current plans. A national plan would assure that Americans would get the care they need.Our current system is not financially sustainable. It also leaves many Americans uninsured. We need a new healthcare system that will protect the needs of the American people.

LobbyistsPhysicians for a National Health Program is a non-profit organization of 20,000 health professionals who support a national health insurance system (Physicans for a National Health Program, 2015). The Public Citizen organization has long been a strong advocate for improvements in health care . Their work includes pushing Congress for a single-payer system (Public Citizen, 2015). Some other groups that are known for supporting a national health system include; the National Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, and the American Public Health Association (Physicans for a National Health Program, 2015). All of these organizations have supported the campaign to lobby Congress for a national health care system. The Public Citizen group has arranged conferences for activists to learn more and participate in the efforts to promote this plan to Congress.

Fix for Medicare and MedicaidUnder a national single- payor system there would be no need for the Medicare program. Seniors who are currently in this program would be covered under the new health system and be provided more benefits than what they currently receive. They currently lack long-term care coverage and prescription coverage under Medicare. Medicaid on the other hand is more than just a medical plan. It also provides assistance to low-income families for housing, cash assistance, and food stamps (National Affairs, 2014). In the current process Americans are decincentivized to seek employment. Any addition to their income will make them uneligible for the current services they receive for free. We need to put time limits on how long people can receive benefits and when they will need to seek employment. This initiative will help to decrease the current cost of the program. We also need to provide education and skills training to push these people back into being productive members of society.


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