Healthcare Platform

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Healthcare Platform

I proposed the utilization and further development of technology in health care.

Healthcare Platform

Four Cornerstones

Nursing Shortage

Nurse to Patient Ratio

Utilize Technology

Workplace Safety

U.S. Senate

I proposed the standardization of a safe working environment across all health care industry.

I proposed a safe nurse to patient ratio to become a standard and law of the land; to promote safety.

I will seek the support of the American Nurses Associaion - Political Action Committee (ANA -PAC) in hope to get Nursing votes as I develop programs to improve the nursing profession.

Funds for the legislation will come from federal and local government through taxes.

Medicare and Medicaid system should continue to support older adults, improve prevention and prescription coverage, and improve quality of care.

By:Myredson CabatotanALHT - 401Health Care PolicyFall 2013Instructor:Sussie Sonnier, MS, RNSUNY Delhi

Several acts that include the Public Health Service Act of 1964 and the Obamacare of 2010 can provide funds in support of nursing education, safety, and utilization of technology (Mason, Levitt, & Chaffee, 2012).

A national healthcare system will greatly increase access and provide healthcare to millions of Americans accross the country. Improving our healthcare system for the better is the core value of this administration.

I proposed a legislation that helps to find solutions on the expected nursing and nurse educator shortage in the coming years


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