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Healthcare Nutrition

Lobbyist/PACs:Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action CommitteeWashington, DC 20036FEC Committee ID: COO143560

Lobbyingfor Change

LegislationAs Senator, I have put together a committee of physicians and nutritionists to develop evidence-based strategies for dietary teaching throughout the lifespan. This includes basic education for wellness as well as disease specific diets (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, wound healing, etc. ). I propose to have insurance companies provide reimbursement to healthcare facilities who follow the recommended teaching strategies for their patients.

The Cornerstone of Healthcare NutritionNutrition plays a role in every life stage: Newborns and pediatrics all the way through geriatrics. However, healthcare providers are not being encouraged to take the time to properly educate the public on nutrition. This proposal is to encourage healthcare facilities to provide thorough, patient-targeted nutritional education to every patient and their caregivers. The aim is on prevention of disease, management of disease and longevity of wellness throughout the lifespan.


National HealthcareIn theory, sounds great: health care for all citizens.Reality: Not all citizens have access to the same level of healthcare (i.e. rural vs. suburban areas).Does not solve the problem of rising health care costs per capita. Potential for waiting lists, rationing, restrictions and other obstacles.I propose healthcare which moves away from centralized government control and towards specific market-oriented features.

Lobbying for Change:Diane AmariSUNY DelhiALHT 401-10783Health Care PolicyCatherine AmitranoApril 13, 2014

Changing Medicare/Medicaid CoverageCurrently, medicare covers nutrition therapy for those with covered diseases. Medicaid covers nutritional counseling for those who meet criteria but only through the age of 20 or for preganant or postpartum women.My legislation proposes continued, on-going education with follow up to ensure lifelong dietary changes. Patients will receive nutritional counseling and follow up throughout the lifespan. This will include all "at risk" patients to prevent disease and promote wellness. This program also covers the fragile population of newborns and geriatrics to ensure proper nutritional needs are being met.

FundingAcademy of Nutrition & DieteticsAmerican Dietetic AssociationNational Association of Nutrition ProfessionalsNY State Dietetic AssociationThe Allen Foundation and


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