Health words #2

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Health words #2

Empathy- To feel empathy means you can understand other peoples feeelings and needs.

environment- All the things that surround you.

Endocrine system-Sends messages around the body that form the of chemicals and hormones.

Glands-Groups of specialized cells that produce hormones.

Growth spurt- When you gain weight and height rapidly.

Heredity- The pass of certian traits from parent to child.

Hormones- Chemical messangers in your body.

Hygien- Taking a daily shower is a good exampel of Hygien

hypothalamus- The part of the brain that tells the pituitary gland when to release its hormones.

Mature- As you grow more mature you will take more responsibility for you

Infancy-The stage of growth that began when the day you were born

Moods- During puberty your moods sometimes seem to go up and down.

Negotiate- solve problems in a gie and take way.

Pituitary Gland- The "Master Gland"

Prenatal- The stage of growth before you are born.



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