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Health- Vitamins Project

BY:Emily Culpepper

Consequences:Anemia, easy bleeding and bruising, decreased ability to fight infection

RDA:60 milligrams

Source: All Cirtus fruits, tomatoes, raw cabbage, potatoes, strawberries, green leafy vegetables.

Function:Needed by bones and teeth.

Benefits to our health:Aids in healing wounds and aids in resisting infection.

Vitamin C

B12 Vitamin

Consequences:Anemia, Weakness, Pale Skin, Nausea, Vison loss and Depression

Source:Eggs, Meat, Dairy Products

Benefits to our Health:Keeps nerves and red blood cells healthy.

Vitamin A

Consequences:fatigue, irritability, anorexia, and in older people, risk of hip fracture and osteoporosis

Source: Liver, eggs, milk, green and yellow vegitables.

Benefits to our health:Used to help vision, improve skin conditions such as acne, used to aid diseases such as Crohn's disease and also prevents some cancers.

Function:Helps resist infections. Helps maintain skin, hair and body membranes.

Function:Needed for red blood cell production in bone marrow, and needed for nervous system

Health- Vitamins Project

RDA:3 micrograms

RDA:1 milligram

Sources:Total Health TextbookWebMD- (Most Used)Medicine Plus- ( (benefits of B12)


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