Health Science

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Health Science

Planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, support services, and biotechnology research and development.Education: Assoiciate's Degree#1 on Hoosier Hot 50Salary Average yearly for 2014: $57,370 Trends: 2012 Employment- 59,2702022 Employment - 69,750 Openings - 2,200

HospitalistProvide inpatient care predomiatly in settings such as medical wards, acute care units, intensive care units, rehabilitation centers, or emergency rooms.Career Name: Physicans and SurgeonsEducation: Post-Doctoral Degree Training#17 on Hoosier Hot 50Salary Average Yearly 2014: $187,200Trends: 2012 Employment - 7,0102022 Employment - 8,980Openings- 370

Registered Nurse

Medical and Health Service ManagerPlan, Direct, coordinate medical and health services in hospitals/clinics.Education: Bachelor's DegreeSalary Average Yearly 2014: $128,400Trends: 2012 Employment - 7,6402022 Employment - 9,230Openings - 350% Change - 21%

Medical AssistantsPerform administrative and certain clinic duties under physician. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, keep medical records, and billing.Education: Post - Secondary CertificateSalary Average Yearly: $38,000Trends: 2012 Employment - 12,6502022 Employment - 16,300Openings - 610

Health Science


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