Health Project: Sleep

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Health Project: Sleep

Problem:Can I improve my brain health if I get 10 hours of sleep by going to sleep at 10:00 pm? Research:-Sleep is a main factor to a healthy brain development and learning.-Without sleep we limit our ability to learn and concentrate in class. Adolescents can forget simple things like names of important people,and the date.-Loss in sleep with the adolscent brain can lead to sleep disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy. Experiment:Materials-2 pilows,blankets, a night cap,and a sleep mask. Procedure-Step 1: At 9:40 pm prepare to go to bed by making sure that all materials needed are present.(pillows,blankets,etc)Step 2:Get on bed and begin to find a comfortable slepping position and add blankets and pillows.Step 3:Apply sleep mask on and begin to close eyes and think about positive thoughts and dreams.Step 4:Begin to move around so you feel comfortable enough to last the whole night without waking up.Step 5: Repeat procedure for 13 days.

The development of the adolscent brainis a long process thatfollows us all the way into our mid 20's.Many adolscents tendto make decisons that impact thier life choices and behavior.Sleep is a decision that many adolscent arent taking which iseffecting them in a negative way instead of a positive way. Adolscentsneed the right amount of sleep for them to be able to learn.-Sleep is a main factor to a healthy brain development and learning(According to Mr.Frank Kros and The Upside Down Organization) -When adolscents get the right amount of sleep some effects is thatthey have better gradesThis happens because when adolscents dontget enough sleep they are tend to not concentrate which can be a factorin school work and school.(Sleep Foundation "School Start Time and Sleep") -Students that are short on sleep are short on learning.(According to Mr.Frank Kros and The Upside Down Organization) Without sleep the adolscent brain will not grow and recieve the rest they need. -Sleep limits your ability to learn and concentrate in class.Adolscent can easily forget things like names of important people,and the date.(Sleep Foundation "Teens and Sleep") -Loss in sleeep can lead to sleeping disorders such as is over insomnia and narcolepsy.Insomnia is a disorder that cuses trouble when sleeping,falling asleep and sleeping for a long period of time.Narcolepsy is a disorder which causes -The less sleep that adolscents get thier emotional regulation.This may be the reason why you thnk teens are self absorbed and only think about themselves.(According to Frank Kros and the Upside Down Organization)

The Adolscent Brain and Sleep

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Topic Background

Lack of sleep blights pupils' educationBy:Sean Coughlan

Case Study

SourceLack of sleep hurts student health By: Brent Heard

SourceBy:Luisa Dillner

AnalysisParts of my data that stand out and look off is on December 7th. On December 7th was our last memory and factory test but for some reason when it comes to the factory recall that day I decreased 5 facts less than my regular of facts correct almost every week.The day before I actually went to sleep at 8:00 pm and recieved more sleep than the reccomended 9.5 hours for adolscents.In the morning of the last factory call I didnt feel very energized and ready but I didn't feel exhausted.Something that looks off on my daily data table is that on day 4 I had begin to get used to the routine and that night I had recieved 8.5 hours of sleep but the days after iIhad troubles falling asleep and not waking up in the night.Some trends and patterns that connected to my daily data and testing data are that on days that didn't recieve the right amount of sleep or close to 9.5 hours my factory recalls decreased.But for an unknown my memory level remained the same. Conclusion The hypothesis for my case study was if I get 10 hours of sleep I can improve my brain health and learning skills.The hypothesis was supported instead of rejected.The hypothesis was supported because on my first fact recall which was taken on December 4th I had gotten only 32 facts correct.But after just 3 days of doing my case study which was December 7th I had gotten 38 facts correct.Which increased my brain health and increasing the total amount of facts correct by 6 facts.Yes I can improve my brain health and learning skills if I receive 9.5 or more than 9.5 hours of sleep. Errors in my experiment and data collection were data collection was not receiving the right mount of sleep every night. I could've aimed to follow my goal every single day and following the time that I was suppose to be asleep at.In the future I would like to research how sleep could be a negative for you instead of a positive and if the negativity of sleep can damage or change your brain health.

ReferencesThe Upside Down Organization and Frank Kros, Your Awesome Brain:The 4 Secrets of the Adolscent Mind   National Sleep Foundation "Teens and Sleep" Child Mind Institute "Why Are Teenagers So Sleep-Deprived?" Sleep Foundation "School Start Time & Sleep"


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