Health Problems of Addiction

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Health Problems of Addiction

It seems that some of the main problems people use drugs are because of pressure or something isn´t going well in their life. A soluton for these problems would be to not give in, whether it is friends peer pressuring you or stress pressuring or life pressuring. Say no and find another way to deal with a problem instead of turning to drugs. Theres other ways to deal with things, drugs shouldn´t be the answer. Drugs have a lot of bad effects in life and it shouldn´t be used because it will make things worse.


Different Effects




- Drugs are chemicals and different drugs can effect the body in different ways. -Some drugs can even changea person´s body and brain. -Most of the abused drugs target the brain first. - From drugs you can get injuries, health problems, behavioral problems, brain problems and birth defects (if pregnant and using).

-Weaken Immune System-Abnormal Heart Rate-Heart Attacks-Infections & Abdominal Pain (injected drugs)-Siezures & Strokes-Paranioa -Hallucinations-Loss of Self Control

Glog by: Ilyssa D.

Effects of Substance Abuse


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