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Health & Fitness

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Health Matters

Health is the requirement of well-being in which all of the components of health are in balance. Health is broken down into six significant categories. To be absolutely healthy; you must take care of all six health components.The Six Components Of Health1.Physical2.Social3.Environmental4.Emotional5.Spiritual6.Intellectual/Mental1.Physical People should be active daily. This should be a mix of both leisurely physical activity and structured exercise. Some exampleas are running, walking, hiking, swimming and others. Some examples of structured physical activity are bsaketball, soccer, swimming,and other sports.2.SocialSocial health involves your ability to create satifying social relationship with others. It also relates to your ability to adapt comfortably to your different social situations and act apropiately in a variety of surroundings. Each of these relationships should include strong communication skills, empathy for others. In comparison traits like selfishness can have a negative impact on your social health.3.EnviromentalEnvironmental health involves all the physical, chemical, and biological factors that occurs to a person. These environmental factors can possibly affect health.4.EmotionalMost people are emotionally healthy therefore they are in control of their emotions and their behavior. They are able to build strong relationships, and recover from obstacles and other difficluties. Physical health requires good emotional and mental health to sustain a good physical life.5.SpiritualSpirituality is unique to each individual. Your “spirit” usually refers to the deepest part of you, the part that lets you make meaning of life. Your spirit provides you with the revealing sperson that you are, why you are here and what your purpose for living is. It is the part that gains strenght and hope.6.MentalMental Health is the health that controls your thinking and what thoughts are in your mind.

What is Obesity?Doctors classify obesity as when a person has too much body fat. Health problems can be caused from obesity.If a man's body has over 25% of fat it can be classified as obesity..It is different for a women becuase they have a different body shape so if a women has over 32% of fat then they are obese.What causes Obesity in children?If parents are overweight then children can be overwight too. Partly it is due to genes or the family's eating habits or excercising.What is Asthma?Asthma is a diesease in your airways(the breathing tubes that carry air into our lungs). You can be born with asthma or you can develop it as you get older. People with asthma have hypersensitive airways which there lungs react to something that does not bother other people, such as pollen or smoke.How does asthma trigger?1.Inflammation(Irritated, red and swollen)(airways narrow)(airflows decrese)2.Bronchoconstriction(Tightening of muscles)(Airway opening reduced)3.Increase in mucus(Mucus blocks the airways)These all contribute to an astma attack.How is asthma prevented?Asthma can be prevented by having many types of asthma puffers which are all L-shape containing a metal canister. Here are two types of astma puffers:1. Greyish,Blue (ventolin puffer), Standard power/strength and preventful.2. Orange (flixotide puffer), Extremely strong/powerful and preventful.Each different puffer is varies in

Overweight and childhood obesity are terms that you might here when a person has too much or abnormal amount of fat on their body. This can be caused if the energy a perosn gets from eataing is larger that the energy they are burning while physical activity and growing. The extra energy that has not been used is then stored as fat.Some children having a greater chance of being obese due to genes that make them gain weight easlily. Obesity and bad food habits are caused at a young age whether or not the child does not excercise but obesity and bad food habits usually are caused byt he family's daily food habits.For example:1.Eating to much and not excercising2. Bad eating habits and the child is eating unhealthy food which are influenced by there parents.

There are many thoughts of anxiety among young people, but in the real world it is just feeling sad,anxious, But most of the time it is not a normal part of adolescence. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, due to test results or doing something else, or mainly just feeling pressured. Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed, it is actually a serious condition that makes life more difficult as days pass by. Anxiety can lead to depression and no purpose of life.

Alternative Health Services1.NutritionistA nutritionist is a person who considers healthy food guider and is ertiary qualified nutrition professional that has the y to do things in a range of nutrtion areas such as health nutrtion.2.AccupunctureAccupunture is a component of health care system which startes over 2,500 years ago in China. The main theory of acupuncture is based on patterns of energy flow. Acupuncture imbalances of flow at identifiable points close to the skin. They use objects such as needles, pins and more. Accupuncture is a type of alternative health service which does not use tradtional medicine but natural herbs and healing.3.OsteopathOsteopathy is a type of alternative health service which does not use medicine. Ostepath treats and strengthens the musculoskeletal frameworksuch as joints, muscule and the human spine.


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