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Health & Fitness

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Health Matters

SOCIAL HEALTHSocial health is about having good relationships with friends or family. Withdrawn and selfish people are less likely to have a good social health while people who are empathetic and have a sense of accountability are more likely to have strong social health. One of the things that can affect social health is stress, managing stress is very important to maintain good social health.

EMOTIONAL HEALTHEmotional health is being able to control your emotions and feelings. If you have good emotional health you are able to bounce back from setbacks and can easily manage stress. Juxtaposing these people are those who are frequently losing their temper and are unable to control their emotions, sometimes referred to a an emotional wreck.



COGNITIVE HEALTHCognitive health is being able to learn and being able to pick up new things quickly. Having good cognitive health means making rational, well reasoned decisions. Without good cognitive health your judgment might be impaired and you may suffer from memory loss. With good cognitive health it is easy to make rational logical choices.

Mental/Spiritual HealthMental and spiritual health I have found to be largely linked. Without good mental health your spiritual health declines while it can also take a toll on your mental health if you do not have adequate spiritual health. Spiritual health involves feeling a purpose in life. This is often confused with believing in superior beings however this is not true but merely a component of spiritual health. Spiritual health focuses on feeling connected and appreciated, rather like social health. Spiritual health relates to mental health because spiritual health involves feeling purpose in life and a mental disorder known as depression is linked to feeling worthless (not having purpose or worth). Strong spiritual health can prevent this. Strong mental health can easily assist in many other areas of health because having strong mental health is being able to form relationships (social health), use our abilities to their full potential, and dealing with life's challenges (emotional health). Mental illness is a large part of mental health and is often overlooked. Some of the mental illnesses are: 1. Depression/Anxiety 2. schizophrenia3. bipolar mood disorder4. personality disorders5. eating disorders6. Anorexia

Physical HealthPhysical health is the type of health that most people think they know about. Physical health relates to how healthy our body is. Good physical health includes: 1. A healthy diet2. High fitness level3. No deasise e.g. cancer, influenza4. No injuryInjury is a part of our physical health and everybody will get injured at one point in their life, it is simply natural to get hurt. Having a balnced diet can gelp maintain your immune system and fight off deasises. Some deasises make it harder to eat which in turn makes it harer to fight off the disease.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people 15-24. Approximately 1 teen commits suicide every 100 minutes and 20 O/o of them are affected before adulthood. With this in mind depression is a very real and very dangerous health condition and must be addressed. Depression is not something somebody can simply "get over" but it closer to a disease such as cancer or any physical disease. This means that the most approriate measures to get rid of depression is to take medication prescribed by an expert. Strong social health lowers the risk of depression because it gives you a larger network of friends you can turn to in your time of need. Also spiritual health helps you feel purpose in life and therefore it can help you see the future and know that you are worth something, you can achieve something.

Obesity is not a disease itself but it increases the chance of physical health issues such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. With this in mind obesity can be blamed for 35 million deaths world wide anually. This is 60 O/o of deaths in a wealthy country and 80 O/o in low and middle income countries. Sugar is the leading casue of obesity becasue sugar is made up of fructose and when the liver has too much of it, the liver turns it into liver fat which then increases the chance of disease. Obesity can also affect other components of your health. These are mental health and social health. It affects these becasue being overweight or obese can lower your self esteem which in turn can lead to a variety of mental health disorders. It also affects social health becasue certain people will refuse to play and or interact with people who are obese or highly overweight. Fitness is one of the eaisest wasy to cut down on fat becasue it burns off the fat and therefore reduces the chance of obesity and the diseases associated with it . Being slim is not always associated with fitness becasue if somebody wants to be slim the easiest way is to get surgery which massively decreases body size and weight. On the other hand Anorexia is another problem that it hard to deal with and quite common among teenagers. Anorexia involves not eating enough rather than overeating and eating sugary foods.


Health Conditions in Young People 1. Athsma 2. Obesity 3. Depression 4. Drug Addiction5. Alcohol6. Anorexia Help Networks 1. Local GP (General Practioner) 2. Friends (For Depression) 3. Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800)4. Parents 5. Community Health Centre 6. NRT's (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) [for smoking] 7. Yourself (setting personel goals, committing yourself)


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