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Health Matters

What It Is And How Affects People:Asthma is a condition that involves the airways leading o the lungs becoming inflamed and narrow. During an asthma attack, the airways narrow that reduce the amount of oxygen that the lungs reiceve. This may lead to wheezing and coughing. Pollen, cigarette smoke, colds and flu can trigger an asthma attack. About one in every 10 australians ends up having asthma but there are many health services and people who can provide assistance towards asthmaAstham Can Be Managed:Asthma can be maged very well with medication and this helps you avoid triggers that set of Asthma attacks

What It Is:Obesity is where your body stores ecess energy as body fat and this builds up over timeCausing Factors: 1.Unhealthy and fattening food choices will build up much more excess fat.2. Lack of physical activities and excersize will not allow the excess energy and fat to burn off so it will stay there and eventually add onto your weight.3. Another factor of childhood obesity is genetics, if you had overweight parents you will more likely have a lower metabalism making you more suseptible to weight gain

Health Matters!

The FiveComponents OfHealth1. Cognitive Health: Cognitive health is the ability to learn new things and also plays a factor in expanding your knowledge. For example if you have good cognitive health you have a good ability to learn and retain knowledge you learn.2. Physical Health:Physical health varies between children and adults but all children and adults should have a healthy balance. There are also many more aspects of physical health that we should all have a healthy balance of, such as nutrition and diet and rest and sleep. Another aspect of physical health to help you in aiding your self is medical self-care. This aspect is essential because in the case of having and accident, or a cold, you will need to apply bandages or take some medicine if you are ill or have an infection. The final aspect of physical health is alcohol and drugs that more than usual may harm your body unless it is perscripted drugs or medicine from a doctor. Regarding harmful drugs and alcohol, you should never have them.

The Five Components Of HealthEmotional Health:Emotional health is the degree to which someone feels in different aspects. Some of these aspects are how emotionaly secure you feel, how relaxed one can be and an open mind and heart. Someone who has strong emotional health has all these aspects in a positive way. Commonly, people without good emotional health will not have much self-esteem, they will react with jerks, have alot of anxiety or rect with panic attacks. Although people with good emotional health will be able to contain themselves and not react to something that goes wrong.Spiritual Health:spiritual health is defined by your religious faith, values, beliefs, principles, and morals. If you are a person engaged in the process of spiritual health and wellbeing, With strong spiritual health you are able to understand the meaning of lifeSocial HealthSocial health is your ability to get along with people, how other people think and react to you whe you are around and how you interact with others in the society. For some people with with disabilities it can be hard to socialse and have good social health, but there are still ways for these people. Finally with good social health you will be able to live a more independent life.

Alternative HealthServices

Health Conditions In Young PeopleAsthma

Childhood Obesity

What It Is:A mental health issue is a condition that changes a person's thinking, feelings or behaviour and could cause difficulty in functioning. These issues can be severe or minor.Solutions:1. Keep active, this makes the person able to handle stress.2. Develop healthy eating habits3. Allow yourself to get lots of regular sleep4. Avoid drugs and alcohol

Mental Health IssuesYoung People

---> Keep a healthy diet and eating cycle---> Keep active and physical---> Socialise with others---> Sleep the recommended time---> Avoid drugs and alcohol---> Keep good spiritual health: meditating---> HAVE FUN!!!!!! :D

Health Decision Making

Some alternative health services for a healthy lifestyle can iinclude: doctors, the gym for excersize and counselors. These are only a few of the options but are always available and will help you if you are struggling to have a healthy lifestyle.