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Health Matters


The Kids Helpline is an alternative service for dealing with mental health issues

Components Of HealthThere are 5 major components of health. Cognitive, or mental health, is how quickly your mind processes information. Physical health is how healthy the rest of your body is. Emotional health is how well you control your emotions. Social health is having a good set of friends and family, and spiritual health is feeling that you have a purpose in life.

The brain contributes to a large part of your health

Health Decision MakingEverybody will make mistakes in life. That is a fact. Yet there are some decisions that seem an easy choice, but people still pick the wrong one. Things like drugs, alcohol and tobacco are never the right choice. Young people are taught in school of the dangers of doing things like this, but it goes in one ear and out the other. One element that can effect peoples choices is peer pressure. When people set themselves the wrong set of friends they can pay the price for it.

Health ConditionsDepression is the top cause of mental illness and disability among young people. Physical health ilnesses include Asthma, malnutrition, especially in poor countries, and obesity in richer countries. People making wrong decisions can also effect their health, such as drinking, smoking, taking drugs and unprotected sex. These choices can cause deseases, infections and life-long regret.

Childhood ObesityUnfortunately, people being overweight and obese in Australia remains on the rise. Results from the 2007-2008 Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey indicated that one in four children aged 5-17 years are now overweight or obese. Obese children have a 25-50% chance of being obese as an adult. This number is increasing every year, and people need to change their habits for a better life of them, and their family.

Mental Health IssuesMental health is a big issue with young people in Australia. Having bad mental health leads people to gettying mental diseases, including depression and anxiety. Statistics show that 1 in 4 young Australians suffer from a mental health issue. This is bad, especially because in 2013, suicide was the biggest killer of young Australians, even bigger than car accidents. Not much can be done about mental illness, but we need to help them to prevent suicide.

Alternative Health ServicesThere are many services to help people with any problems they might have. One in particular is The Kids Helpline. This service helps those who are struggling with mental health issues. They also help kids with problems in their family, school or community. There are many other health services based around the world, ready to help anyone with any problem.

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