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Health & Fitness

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Health Matters

Mental health issues amoung young people such as kids is becoming a problem because it is interfereing with there lives and makes it very hard for them to have a healthy life. Mental health issues such as suicide, depression, agressive problems and social problems are badly affecting people from the age of 4 to 17. All of these problems mainly occur over bullying from others. We can stop this by making sure no bullyimng occurs over these type of people any more.

There are many health comditions common in young people. There's measles, diarrheoa, mumps but the most common and dangerous is Asthma. Asthma is very common to be diagnosed with when you are young. You can get when your born or when your any other age. Asthma is able to kill you because it cloggs up you arteries. If you have an Asthma attack, you could possibly die because you are unable to breath. Asthma is a very common health condition found in young people.

Health conditions common in young people

Health Matters

Mental health issues amoung young people

There are many helath services in our area such as:* North Sydney health district* Healthdirect Australia* SESLHDWhere ever you are there will be a local health service near you.

Aleternative Health Services

Food and childhood obesityFood and Childhood obesity is a issue that is happening every year. Kids are becoming very obese and it has doubled over the past two years. This event keeps on occuring because young kids such as at the age of 9-14 are not exercising, not eating healthy foods, not being able to complete all of the components of health. If everyone is able to do all of these they will keep a healthy lifestyle.

There are six components of health. They are Physical, Emotional, Mental, Environmental, Spirtitual and Social health. Physical health refers to the way that your body functions. Emotional health refers to the way that your body expresses your emotions on how you feel. Mental health refers to the way that your body copes with the demands of life. Environmental health refers to the way that you live in the envirionment. Spiritual health refers to the way that you believe in God or who else you believe in. Social health refers to the way that you talk and socialise with friends and others. If you are doing all of these components, you will be living in a healthy lifestyle.


Components of Health

Health decision making is when you make a big decisin on how you are going to change your health. Changing your health is very important because it can change the way you live or how long you live. If you change your health to a better health it could make you have a better life style. It is good to change your health because it can make a difference.

Health Decision Making


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