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Health & Fitness

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Health Matters

Health Matters

Health Conditions Common in Young PeopleAsthma - Diseased airways which may make it harder for someone to breathe. Often caused by the thickening of muscles in the airways.High Blood Pressure - Abnormally high levels of blood pressure, ca lead on to illnesses such as kidney disease and heart failure.STIs - STIs are sexually transmited diseases that are caused by unsafe sex and can be very serious diseases, and can be fatal.

Mental HealthMental health is what affects how you think, how you behave and how you interact with others. 1 in 5 Australians also suffer from a mental illness, which can vary from autism to attention disorders. Mental health can also affect both your social and emotion health.Emotional HealthEmotional health is having positive emotions most of the time and to have control of both their behaviour and emotions.Cognitive HealthCognitive health is being able to learn quickly and to remember what you have learmt.

There are many mental health issues that affect young people today, some of which can be poyentially dangerous and have a massive impact on their lives. Some of these issues include anxiety, which is when your fear and unease get out of your control, schizophrenia, feeling paranoid and withdrwaing from society and depression, relentlessy feeling despair and being depressed about yourself.

Health Components

Mental Health Issues

Social HealthSocial health is how you can maintain good, strong relationships with others around you. It is also how you generally interact with society.Spiritual HealthSpiritual health is the feeling that you have a purpose in life.You can find spirutual health in a religous faith, but that is not necessary. Physical HealthPhysical health is how healthy your body is. To be physically healthy you must be fit and not sufferring from any illnesses due to a poor lifesyle.

Childhood ObesityChildhood Obesity is simply when a child has an excessive amount of body fat. Childhood Obesity is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. It is often caused by the child eating an exsessive amount of fatty foods and not having regular exercise. Childhood obesity can be prevented by eating a wide range of nutritious foods and exercising every day for at least half an hour.

Alternative Healthcare

Health Decision MakingTo be healthy a lot of decisions have to be made. Some of these decisions involve eating nutritious foods, having minimal alchohol, staying away from drugs, using correct medicines and not having an unhealthy lifestyle.


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