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Health & Fitness

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Health Matter

Australia is one of the most obese places in the world and it is getting worse due to the junk food we have in our every day life. Our body stores unused energy from food and if you are a healthy person you will burn it off doing exercise but alot of kids are not doing this and all they do is sit down and eat unhealthy junk food. When you do not balance healthy eating with regular excercise, after a while that energy will turn into fat and then you will become obese after a long period of time. A bad food choice is one of the main things that is affecting children because they do not know what is good or bad. Australian children are less active than they were in the past. Spending a lot of time on non active pursuits – Australian children watch on average around 2½ hours of television a day, as well as spending time using computers and other electronic devices. The moral of this is to have a healthy diet get out and about and do not just sit on the couch all day and eat!!!

Health matter

1st: PHYSICAL- Healthy diet includes eating well- Excercise regularly- Avoid drugs- Free of disease is general well being2ND: MENTAL- Has high self esteem- Enjoys trying new things- Free of mental illness like depression3RD: EMOTIONAL - Expresses emotions constuctively- Asks for help when sad4TH: SPIRITUAL - Has a sense of purpose in life- Follows morals and values- Feels a unity with other human beings-5TH: SOCIAL- Respects others - Express need to others- Has suportive realationships6th: ENVIROMENTAL HEALTH- Has access to clean air and water - Recycle glass, paper, water etc.- Has a clean and open breathing space

AllergiesOne in three people are effected by allergens. There are many causes of allergies but the most common causes are animals, pollen, insects and foods. Allergy is also one of the major factors associated with the cause and persistence of asthma.AsthmaAsthma is an inflammation of the air passages in the lungs and reduces the flow of air in and out of the lungs. Asthma is recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing. DiabetesDiabetes is when a body can’t maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a form of sugar which is the main source of energy for our bodies. LET OTHERS KNOW ,KNOW YOUR SYMPTONS, HAVE A HEALTH PLAN

Components of health

Young peoples mental health

The Australian government says that one in five young Australians are likely to be experiencing mental illness, and less than 40% are comfortable seeking professional help. This is a big problem in young Australians now a days. A good way to stop mental health problems or depression is to speak to someone and get some proffessional help but as the survey shows, that to little people are doing this. The Australian governmenmt in 2012 had started 10 recommendations on what to do if you are suffering and then in 2013 they added another 8 and now there are 18. The one I thought the most important ones are: a) to let everyone have access to mental health hospital including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people because they are said to most likely suffer mental illnessess. b) to increase the access to timely and appropriate mental health services and support from 6-8 per cent to 12 per cent of the Australian population.

Childhood obesity

Alternate health services, otherwise known as complementary therapies, often claim to treat the whole person rather then the sympton of the disease. These include homeopathy, naturalpathy, yoga and acupuncture. They often help and work along side conventional medicine.

Disease common in young children

Healthy decision making

Good decision making is a big part in a young childs life. A good and healthy decision can be rewarding but a bad one can be very dangerous. A number of things can get in the way of a good and healthy decision. One of the main ones is when a child is scared or under pressure. One of the main bad decisions made in my family is before dinner. It is when my brother or I will have a snack, some crackers or chocolate before dinner, we will not be hungry and we will get in trouble by mum or dad. What i am trying to say is a decision will always come with a consequence. A good decsion comes with a good consequence but a bad one comes with a bad consequence. Too much of young people today make bad decisions and that can cause allot of long term injuries or you might get really sick. Depending what the bad decision is it can get you into alot of bad situations, so the moral is MAKE GOOD DECISIONS.

Alternate health services

By Dylan Shackell


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