Health Literacy

by SaraWard
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Health Literacy

Things that cause stress. Everyone has a very different life style which means different things can cause them stress. Things that cause stress in my lifeis work, homework, test, and projects, and family problems.

My Health Literacy Sara Ward

The way your body deals with stress. Stress can effect people in many different ways. Stress effects me by causing me to get sick, moody, and lose of sleep.

Consequences of being stressed. The consequences that i face when i become stressed out i turn away from everyone, even the people that care about me.

Ways I can prevent stress. I can prevent this by not thinking about everything that goes wrong in mu life but think about what other people are going through, and realized it's not that bad!


Health Literacy is the ability to use your understanding of health information for preventive physical and mental health measures and to make appropriate health-related decisions

I am a Helper. I care about pleasing people. I am empathetic, and very sincere.

What Kind of Person I Am!

I am a investigator. I can be very secretive and isolated. I am very alert, insightful, and curious. I love to have knowledge and everything figured out.

I am a Peacemaker. I am receptive reasurring, and agreeable. I am very trusting and stable. I love a peace of mind.