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Health Informatics

Barcode Specimen Scanning Technology


Organizational Readiness

After purchase of the scanners, full implementation can be achieved within 30 days. The system for the scanner is already in place in the facility. Staffing education is needed to become familiar with the scanners. Each ICU employee should undergo competency training with the educator and take an online user course to prepare them to use the scanner. The user will take a 30 minute competency course online, through the hosipital training center, followed by a return demonstration to the ICU educator. The risk associated with the implementatin of the BSS is the misidentification of a patients barcode label by the scanner. Since the patient's ID band needs to be scanned prior to the printing of a specimen label, the nurse or the staff may assume the machine is detecting the proper patient, when in fact a different patient registered through the scanner. Staff still needs to be vigilant in making sure the information that is printed is still the right patient, right time, and right specimen.

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The system has been live in the facility since 2013. Studies were done prior to the implementation of the sysem in the facility and were concluded with there being a benefit to the system and a decrease in mislabeling specimens. Training through the use of the educator and online courses will prepare the staff for implementation and troubleshooting of information.


What can we do?



Planning Implementation


Workflow Analysis

Product Literature Review


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