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Health & Fitness

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Health in the view of me

Complementary and alternative medicine includes a range of treatments and products that are not considered part of standard health care. There are many other health services to help you with every situation. For example the hospital is one option. Seeing a doctor for a monthly check up is vital and sickness or desises you might have can be treated before they get out of hand, that would be an example of maintatin your health. Other health services include the dentist, acupuncture, optician, chiropractor, haridresser, pharmacy and podiatrist.Another thing that helps you relax is yoga. Yoga is to help you calm down.

Food and child obesityOver the past year child obesity has grown, new fast food resturants have opened and children have become atticed to them.It is crucial that children and adults maintain a healthy balance of good and sometimes food. If you do start to gain weight it is vital to exercise to loose weight to become physically healthy again. So remember to only ever eat what you can and never eat fast food over and over. The best why to try loose weight is too go on a diet, have an exercise program and try to stay away from sugar loaded foods. Unfortuantly the human body is clever, it tries to balance out the weight according to your size no matter what obesity treatment methods you try.

Health in the view of me

Components of healthHealth is a very important part of life. If your health is not up to scratch it could effect you for the rest of your life.There are many components/groups of health. The main types of health are physical health, mental health, cognitive health. All of these groups make up basically your wellbeing. It is important to always maintain your health in the best way possible. Cognitive health Cognitive health is the ability to learn new skills and techniques in life such as sporting skills, schooling skills technology skills, reading skills, writing skills and lisenting skills. Congnitive health influences you in many ways with this component of health, without comgnitive health nothing would make sense and you would be unable to learn.Physical healthPhysical health is the well being of someones body. An example of poor physical health would be eating too much sugar and gaining weight. It is very important to maintain your physical health to be able to stay active, if gain weight it will get harder to run and eventually you will not want to keep up your fittness and not excersing is another example of not being physically healthy.Mental healthMental health is all inside your head, it is mainly made up of different types of emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and many others. Being mentally well is to be happy and know what direction your going in whereas being mentally sick you would feel sad all the time and feel lost. If you are feeling depressed or lost its best to have supportive friends and to see a doctor so that they can find ways to help you.

Health conditionsIn Australia around 10 percent of children aged 8-15 have a condition called asthma. Asthma is a medical condition which effects the lungs and airways. Many children suffer from this so don't feel alone if you have asthma. The cause of asthma is not fully discovered yet but experts have narrowed it down to a family history of asthma.Causes of AsthmaWhen exposed to certain materials, reactions or just genuine wellbeing it can sometimes triiger asthma. The most common things that trigger asthma is excercise, infection, smoke/dust pollens and shock. How to treat itThe best way to treat asthma is with ventolin. Some symptons of asthma to watch out for are coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest and breathlessnessIf excersise triggers your asthma its best to talk to a doctor about a plan for you. If you have asthma don't be scared of exercising, it is very important to continue exercising . Always carry a blue/grey puffer and when in a sporting event if you have an asthma attack quickly (but don't run) get to a puffer if symptoms stop they you can go back to your game. People with asthma should avoid and water activity but that doesnt mean to not do it.

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Child obesity

An overview of Mental health is to the left of this text <----- in video formMental disorders in children are quite common, occurring in about one-quarter of this age group in any given year.

Mental Health conditionsIn young children

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Maintaining healthy habits and alternate health services


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