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Health Growth Hormone

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Health Growth Hormone

Effect of Drugs on EthicsBy using performance enhancing drugs, the athletes have unfair advantage over those who do not use prohibited drugs. Letting the use of illegal drugs go, equals to choosing not to take an action while the health of young sports heroes gets harmed. Using these illegal drugs is really tempting to young players because of their dream to become good athletes. They will not be able to neither overcome the temptation nor simply refuse, if they are offered one. And again, if this is because of greed for money and popularity, it will be unacceptable and unethical, especially to the lovers of sports. Furthermore, the drugs are against sportsmanship. The definition of sportsmanship is the act of having respect for the other side in a field or an arena. Do you think improving one's health/body condition artificially is related to showing respect for the other team? Not at all. Drugs violate the definition of 'Ethics'.

Change in the culture of sports?If drugging becomes generalized in sports, the games will turn into a ground of fraud and falsehood. Some people say that if all of the athletes inject drugs, all the athletes will be playing in a same condition, and therefore there will be no element of unfairness. First of all, drugging all of our magnificent athletes is not what we want to do. HGH is not a healthy drug if overinjected. Second of all, drugging, since it is one case of cheating, will weaken athletes' conscience once they start it. Games with strong rules and strict referees will continue to thrive, however there are sports that require great conscience. For instance, there is Ultimate Frisbee, which has no referee. It is up to the players whether the game is carried out swiftly or not. Therefore drugs, in overall, will bring negative changes on sports.

What should FIFA do about the drug issue? What is your justification?FIFA is an organization where all the matters that have to do with football are taken care of. Even though the drug itself is a considerable problem, I believe that they should have their focus on whether their players take the drug or not. Of course, this is to make sure that their games are carried out in a justifiable way. In order to do this, I believe that they should do tests periodically. Since drug would not be detected after a cetain period, test should be very carefully planned. Once in two weeks would be a suitable plan. Obviously, preventing drug from the players' hands is the primary thing to do, but to achieve the objective of carrying out the game fairly, keeping the drugged players out of the game is also essential.

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In what sports have people used the drug?HGH is usually utilized in strength-demanding sports.ex. weight lifting, body building, American football... Why?It is because these are what HGH do for our bodies!!!-Increase of muscle -Decrease of fat -Quicker recovery in muscle damages (likely to get injured in muscular damage when doing sports that deal with muscle using.)They are definitely vital for strength-demanding sports. However it is said that overusing is necessary in order to get a striking consequence in athletic abilities.

Why do people take the drug? (How does it ‘enhance performance'?)They simply take the drug because it enhances their performance in many ways. Here are some of its functions:-It improves Immune System functioning.-It enhances 'Athletic Performance and Strength'.-It develops 'Muscle Recovery' after using a lot of muscles.-It enhances Sexual Functioning for both men and women.-It provides Vitality / Anti-aging properties for elderlies.-It is an exceptional source of Growth Factors (ex. IGF-1 & IGF-2).

How is the drug taken?It is formally taken by injection. If you have serious problems that have to do with hormones, HGH would be injected into your body with a syringe. However for casual use of this drug (not to a precarious degree), people usually take the drug as liquid or pills. These supplements are more likely imitations of what had been made to mimic hormone.

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-Synthesis of new protein in tissues: recovery/repairment of the muscles and creation of new muscle mass.-Fat metabolism: Converts fat to energy and helps preserve /increase muscle mass.-Corrects Circadian rhythm: Improvement in sleep-pattern by shortening unintended awakenings and enhancing REM-stage sleep.-Enhances energy production: Improvement of sexual performances besides improving overall body energy.-Increase of bone mass and density: stronger bones.-Improves renal and cardiovascular health: Enhancement in the process of driving toxins out & improvement of blood circulations.

HGH aids with the growth of thymus, a gland that has the responsibility of producing T cells. These critical immune cells are often suppressed by viral infections like HIV. Being able to restore the immune system is a very strong advantage of HGH.


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