Healing Spirits

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Healing Spirits

Spiritual healing is a term known to many. However it means different things to different people.

Healing Spirits

What is it?

The growing acceptance of alternative medicine enhances the popularity of curanderismo.

Curanderismo is a term referring to spanish word "curar", meaning to heal and is used to describe the practice of traditional in Latin America cultures.

Healing Spirits has been influenced by Greek humoral medicine and was revived during the Spanish Renaissance by consulting Latin translations of Galen and Hippocrates on the art of healing.

Curanderismo can be called “holistic” or “folk” healing and is executed by a curandero (male healer) or a curandera (female healer).

There are three levels of curanderismo: the material, the spiritual, and the mental. The material emphasizes objects such as candles, oils, and herbs. The spiritual embraces a medium through which the healing takes place. The mental focuses on psychic healing. All three levels require rituals that are formulaic or patterned in different ways to treat various illnesses.

Types of Curanderismo

Yerbera (herbalist), who works with herbs alone and treats patients with natural remedies (remedios).

A Sobador/Sobadora (folk chiropractor) specializes in muscle and bone manipulation, acupressure, and massage therapy, healing with hands and supplementing the treatment with herbal medications when appropriate.

A Partera is a midwife who utilizes herbs during the course of prenatal care and during delivery.

For most curandero(a)s, healing is their livelihood; however, many do not charge but accept donations.

INTERSTING POINTS1) My city, in Brazil, is named Floripa, but is called Magic Island, because there is a strong influence of witches, but today we call benzedeiras who can heal evil eye and several illness.2) In Campeche Island, the benzedeiras say that don't exist healers, because the right of heal is equivalent to think and speak, just exist doctors without medicine,who heal with their own hands and with the help of nature.

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