Head Container (Graphic Arts, Artist & Poets)

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Head Container (Graphic Arts, Artist & Poets)

Did you ever stop to think that your head and a container have a lot in common? They both can contain many different treasures inside their chambers!Now it's time for you to combine these two aspects and create a container that you are able to open and close. Not only are you creating a container, this container will have a face and present a fun personality!

Head Container

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Things to think about


1) Plan out your idea2) Always wedge your clay3) What technique are you going to use? - Pinch, Coil, Slabs?4) Start with the basics5) Add on details as you go6) Don't forget the lid/top!7) Always cover and keep your clay damp8) When in doubt, ask for help! Either from Ms. Leinen or fellow classmates.




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