He Had Such Quiet Eyes

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He Had Such Quiet Eyes

This poem is about a lady who falls in love with the wrong man. She is fascinated with his eyes that seem to lure her to give him paradise. The man has a pair of quiet eyes that she does not realise they are not that quiet. As she is ‘charmed’ by the eyes, she does not listen to the advice given by other people who are concerned with her behaviour. In the end, she realises her mistakes and is broken hearted.

THEME•Betrayal of love•Personal experiences•Relationships that are meaningful


He had such quiet eyesShe did not realiseThey were two pools of liesLayered with thinnest iceTo her, those quiet eyesWere breathing desolate sighsImploring her to be niceAnd to render him paradiseIf only she’d been wiseAnd had listened to the adviceNever to compromiseWith pleasure-seeking guysShe’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’Now here’s a bit of adviceBe sure that nice really niceThen you’ll never be losing at diceThough you lose your heart once or twice

MORAL VALUES Don’t be naive and believe everything we are told especially in matters of the heart. Be wise when choosing friends. Falling in love is normal but one should be careful. We must learn from the experience of other people. We should be very careful not to give in our principle in order to please other people.

TONE, MOOD, ATMOSPHERE•Reflective•Sad and happy•Sympathetic

POINT OF VIEW•Second and third person points of view

WHAT DO YOU THINK?Discuss the stanzas and tell your other friends what do you think of the meaning of each stanza.What would you do if you are the woman or the man in this poem?

OBJECTIVESAfter reading this Glog, students should be able to: recite the poem. discuss with their friends about the poem and give opinion or their own stance about the poem. do the exercise in the link.

He Had Such Quiet Eyesby: Bibsy Soenharjo

Try this exercise and compare your result with your friends!HERE!

Quiet eyes represent deceitful intentions. Paradise represents the state of ecstasy or great happiness. A pleasure- seeking guy represent men who deceive women with their innocent looking appearances.



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