Hazel Grace Lancaster

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Hazel Grace Lancaster

The Fault in our Stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster

Hazel Grace Lancaster is not your original 16 year old girl. Hazel was diagnosed at the age of 13 with thyroid cancer which has now spread within her lungs. She has to wheel around an oxygen tank and take medicine for the rest of her life. Hazel wants to be a regular teenager but she considers herself a grenade that will at some point blow up and hurt others around her. That's why she is shy and has few friends, she wants to minimize the casualties.

Hazel's mother decides that Hazel is depressed and sends her to a Support Group with kids who have cancer. Hazel hates going to these meetings, but she goes to make her mom happy. She would rather be sitting at home in her pjs watching a marathon of Americas Next Top Model. She doesn't like letting everyone else know how she's doing or how she feels. One week, Hazel's mom drops her off and tells her to try to make some friends this time. Hazel makes a friend, Augustus Waters, the love of her life. Hazel and Agustus first start talking at the meeting when Agustus says he fears oblivion. Hazel makes a speech about how oblivion is inevitable. She doesn't usually raise her hand or say anything in the meetings but this time she did. Hazel wants to keep their relationship as just friends but when they go to Amsterdam to meet Van Houten, the author of their favorite book, they fall in love.

Hazel knows her time on earth is short. She worries about what her parents will do when shes gone. Hazel's parents took her out of high school to keep her home and care for her. All Hazel does is watch TV, read her favorite book "An Imperial Affliction", and attends support group meetings.

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