[2015] Ella Morse (2014-15 Women in Sci, 2015-16 Global Lit 8th gr): Hazel Bishop

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[2015] Ella Morse (2014-15 Women in Sci, 2015-16 Global Lit 8th gr): Hazel Bishop

Hazel Bishop

Life span1906-1998

Early life

After successful completion of a pre-med program, she graduated in 1929, when the great depression started, and planned to pursue medical studies at Columbia University. She began taking evening graduate school courses that fall at Columbia, but the collapse of the stock market in October and the ensuing economic depression put an end to her plans for medical school. In1942 Bishop joined the staff of the Standard Oil Development Company as a senior organic chemist. She was assigned to work on developing aviation fuel and helped create a new form of gasoline for bombers. In 1945, at war's end, Bishop joined the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company as a specialist in petroleum research and remained there for five years; she was later cited by the American Chemical Society for notable contributions to the field.

In 1949, she hit on a solution. Instead of simply coating lips with a color, as the lipsticks of the time did, hazel discovered that if the lipstick contained colorants called bromo acids, the lips would be stained, not just covered. This ment the lipstick would last a long time, and stay on the wearer's lips.

New idea

Hazel Bishop was born, in Hoboken, New Jersey, on August 17, 1906. She lived with her father, Henry and her mother, Mabel. Her father was a very sucsessful buisnessman, and she got an early education in buisness at the dinner table.



By early, 1954 Hazel made more than 10 million dollars on her lipstick.Bishop went on to create “Leather Lav,” a leather cleaner that could be used at home. An aerosol foot spray “to refresh tired feet” was her next venture. In 1957 she created Perfemme—this creation was a perfume concentrate that was packaged in a lipstick tube and was easy to carry.

Stay on lip stick

Hazel Bishop Lasting Lipstick made its commercial debut in the summer of 1950 at the cosmetics counter of Lord & Taylor, the New York-based department store, selling for one dollar a tube. Available in several colors, the lipstick was an immediate success and revolutionized the lipstick business. Bishop's special formula relied on large amounts of bromo acids, substances known to have long-lasting staining properties, to create color that remained on the lips rather than transferring easily to eating utensils and other surfaces, including other human lips. Indeed, the romantic potential of the kissproof lipstick was identified and exploited early on in the company's advertising. The existing campaign cost more than $1.4 million, was a record at the time for a cosmetics product. Drawing upon the business sense acquired from her father during her childhood, Bishop worked closely with advertising and marketing managers to ensure the product's success.


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