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Environmental Studies

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Hazardous waste


Genral Information:

One solution to the problem hazardous was would be making a program that goes around to collect computers and other things like that. Another thing we can do to help this problem would be to recycle cans and plastic bottles so then there will be less toxic things on our planet.

Solution 1

How/Why does it work? :This would work because you would not have computers that people don't want and them they could take them to a place that disposes computers and toxic waste. For example, you can collect the computers in your neighborhood and then bring the computers to the place where they dispose of them the proper way. Were is this being done?: This is being done in the communities today and all over the nation and world.

Solution 2

How/Why does it work? : By recycling, reducing, and reusing, there will be less garbage at the dump. How it works is, when people reuse the things they are about throw away, they could actually be using it for other stuff and that would save money for them too because then they don't have to buy a lot more stuff. When people reduce, they don’t have to use as much stuff and then they wouldn’t have to have as much toxic garbage to throw away. And when people recycle, they’re helping the earth a lot because then the used stuff doesn’t have to be in dumps, polluting the land.Where is it being done? : This is usually done all over the world, but less in the U.S. compared to a lot of other countries. But I think we can change that! We need to develop more biodegradable products to help the environment.

what are you doing ?

Genral Activities

My family recycles a lot of things every week and that is helping the problem because when you recycle it help the earth not have as much things in the landfill and we also take our computers to the place that they dispose of them properly. And that I how we are making the problem a little less of a problem!

Foot print quiz!

Well, my Ecological Footprint results said that I don’t cause pollution from waste. Because I recycle, reduce, and reuse, things with toxic stuff inside of them and that makes the problem less of a problem. Remember, even the littlest footprint makes a big difference. More people should R/R/R!


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