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Environmental Studies

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Hazardous Waste

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General Explanation

Problem Relationship

Cause and Effect?

-The general explanation of the problem of land pollution-hazardous waste is when you have toxic stuff from electronic devices like some televisions, computers, etc. are being dumped on natural habitats which pollutes the earth.

-Hazardous waste relates to other problems like endangered speciesbecause when the toxic stuff from hazardous junk is near animals, it is able to kill them. Some deadly problems that they might havebesides dieing, are respiratory problems, heart problems, and manymore.

1.One contributing factor is when humans throw away a lot of computers and other toxic things they go to a landfill and then they sit in the landfill and then the do not decompose because they can’t and then they give off toxic fumes and then that is bad for the earth and the things that live on the earth. 2.People are causing it, they use hazardous waste and dump the rest somewhere else and then it pollutes the land, air, and water. For example: People have a lot old computers and fire alarms and they just take the cheap way out and throw it away at the dump or natural habitat, but they could be sending all that off to an incinerator to be more environmentally safe.



If hazardous waste is not cleared up and is not solved, it will increase rapidly, and it will pollute the earth a lot more right now. Like landfills, the more you have the more damage it's going to have a larger impact (negative) on us.


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