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WEIRD MURDERIn Izmir, an overweight man and his wife went to the beach. It was learnt that the couple went there in a very hot day to get calm. The overweight man not knowing how to swim was by his wife. However despite warning the man went into the sea.5 minutes later the screams of the poor man were heard by everyone in the beach --calling for "HELP!"--The lifeguard going to save the drowning man couldn't help him but he died by staying under water because of the man.

ELECTIONS ARE COMING!!The new subway has been opened by the government. A lot of people think that the new subway has been opened to take more votes.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT WORLD CUP ?The new World Cup is going to start in Brazil. We are going to watch Spain,Brazil,Germany, Italy,France and National Teams like them.Unfortunately, We can't watch some big players because the national teams that they are in could not participate in this World Cup.

Black Friday started last week. As it was guessed before, it has been the most crowded Black Friday ever. People started to put up tents in front of the shopping mall two weeks before it has started.After a long queue and waiting, all people tried to come in at once and because of the crowd, two people was crushed by customers.


WHO WILL WIN ?The winner hasn't been found for eight weeks. Everyone is waiting the winner for the lottery. If someone guesses the numbers, 6000000 dollars will be given to the winnner.



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