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Lets talk about Hawaii’s climate. Hawaii has a very warm climate the coldest it has been was 12 degrees, and that was a long time ago. If you were to go to Hawaii you might want to pack your sandals and shorts or you will burn. More ways to keep cool are go to the finest beaches in the world like the black sand beach. That is what you need to know about the climate.

Hawaii is a beautiful place. It has so many things to do like swim in the best beaches, jump off water falls, or you could always just relax. Hawaii has great weather it does not snow. If you like the warm you would really like Hawaii, and if you like adventures Hawaii is the place to go. Hawaii has five islands of paradise. Hawaii has landforms such as valcanoes and mountains. There are a ton of nice people in Hawaii when ever you walk by they will say ¨Aloha.¨

In Hawaii people like to fish, they are really interested in fishing. So if you like fishing Hawaii is the place to go. Do you know why people really like fishing? Because there are so many places to go fishing. Fishing is not the only thing they're into. They’re into the outdoors, swimming and much more. If you like to do all those things Hawaii is the place for you.

FUN FACT Did you know that Hawii is made out of valcano ashes?

By:Devon Collis


The ¨Aloha State¨ was the last state to become a state. They were add in 1959.

There are a lot of the same land forms in Hawaii like valcanoes and mountains. Here some names to a valcanoe and a mountain. Kilauea and Mauna Loa.

Hawaii has beautiful natural resources like the palm trees, the beaches, the coconuts and much more. A lot of people use the resources to do many things.

In case you were wondering what drawed me here, was all the beautiful sights and all the things to do.


Hawaii's history

People in Hawaii


Natural resources

Hawaii's climate


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