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Social Studies

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Wildlife Hawaii has a lot of interesting animals. There are 23,680 species that are documented but there is probably more that are not documented. Hawaii has a mix of really cool animals. There are some from all over the world that humans brought over. There are also native animals that have been there for a long time and native plants and trees. There are 495 bird species documented. There are more than 860 marine and algae freshwater species are native to the Hawaiian islands. These animals and plants are a big part of why Hawaii is Hawaii.


Pearl Harbor The biggest attack was Pearl Harbor. It was a surprise attack by Japanese people. You are not going to believe how many people died. There were over 2,300 people that died. Bo you know how many aircrafts were destroyed and damaged in Pearl Harbor? If you guessed 160 were destroyed and 150 were damaged that is correct. Also 12 ships sank and 9 ships got messed up. The day after the attack a lot of people knew that they were going to declare war. Do you know why Japan did this attack?Japan did this because they wanted to take over the Philippines and all of the american islands. Do you know how the americans reacted?The americans reacted with anger and were surprised.Do you know when that attack happened? The attack Pearl Harbor happened on December 7,1941

Overall Hawaii is a great place to go to and learn about. Another thing that attracks people to Hawaii is the beaches. There are a number of beaches,volcanoes and waterfalls in Hawaii. There are green,yellow,white,pink, and black sand beaches. There are active and inactive volcanoes and lots of waterfalls. In addition, Hawaii is a wonderful place to go to.

Honolulu Honolulu is one of the largest cities on Oahu which is one of Hawaii’s islands. It is located in the southern coast of Oahu.Honolulu was became a city in 1907. Honolulu means a sheltered, bay. Hono means “Bay” and Lulu means “Sheltered”. Do you know how high the highest point on honolulu is? If you guessed some where near 2,000 feet high that is correct the answer is 2,013 feet high. Honolulu is also Hawaii’s capital. As you can see Honolulu is a very interesting city.


Have you ever thought what state is 50th or who created Hawaii’s language? Did you ever know that one of the biggest attacks happened in Hawaii? There are interesting animals, plants, and warm weather. If you want to know how Hawaii became famous and spectacular keep reading.


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