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Bennett Woomer Hawaii Project

1800s- Ships began to arrive more often in Hawaii bringing missionaries,settlers and traders.

1820- Protestant missionaries from New Eangland traveld to the islands to convert hawians to christianity.

1820s- American investors in the sugar industry gradually increased control over the islands. As this control grew more americans came to the islands.

1870- America controlles most of hawaiis trade and land.

1875-Treaty was signed exemting Hawaiin sugar from us tariff.In exchange Hawaii did not grant territory or special privlages in the islands to any other country.

1886- The US demanded Pearl Harbor in exchange for a rewnal of the tax free status King Kalakua refused.400 american buisness people ,planters and traders formed the secret Hawaiin league in response to the kings refusal and they planned to throw over the monarchy and annex Hawaii to the US.

1887- The league forced Kalakau at gun point to sign a new constitution that made him just a figure head . It also limited Hawaiians to hold office in their own country. Hawaiins called this the bayonet constitution. The us than took pearl harbor because they had the right to now.

1890- Congress enacted the Mckinley tariff witch ended Hawaiis favored position in the sugar trade. It gave US sugar producers in the US a subsidy a goverment bonus payment . This caused sugar prices to drop hurting the Hawaiians econmy.

1893- Queen Likoulkalni tried to overturn the Bayonet constituion with one that would halp Hawaiians . In response the supporters of the annexation declared the end of the monarchy and set up a provisonal goverment. US troop also threatend the queen with force . Sanford b. Dole was appointed as president . America reconised the new govermennt and proclaimed Hawaii to be under US protection .

1898- The usa Annexed Hawaii offically even though most hawaiians did not want to.

1900- Hawaii became a territory.

1959-Hawaii became a state.


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