Hawaii Volcano

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Hawaii Volcano


It sounded like there were rocks in a dryer that were being tumbled around,” said Jeremiah Osuna,

"It turned our shore into an apocalyptic wasteland" - George Divosky

This is a picture of the volcano located in the mountain ranges on the big island in Hawaii. This is when the lava started to pour out

Once the lava started to creep down into residential areas, gas masks had to be used because of the deadly chemicals.

Here are all the main locations on Hawaii. The volcano was in Kilauea and the farthest the lava travelled was a couple miles.

The volcanic activity going on in Hawaii has affected my a little bit. Every couple years my family and I go and spend a couple weeks in Maui. Even the though the volcano is on the big island the chemicals and other side effects could still carry over to other islands so we are not going to Hawaii this year. One of my Dads best friend lives on the big island where the activity was happening. Once we heard about what was going on we were very concerned for him because we know he lives in the mountains near the volcano. My Dad texted him right away and thankfully he was ok and the volcano wasn't to close to home so he didn't need to evacuate his house. He said that even though he wasn't near the lava he could still see the chemical clouds of when the lava hut the ocean. Even though this natural disaster has affected me to personally I still feel bad and scared for the families who do live there.

Currently there is three active volcanos on the big island in Hawaii. On the Island of Hawaii, you'll find Maunaloa and Kilauea in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. These eruptions started in June and are still continue. Around 400 earthquakes have also happened cause he the movement of tectonic plates. The most recent earthquake has been a category 5.3. Areas around the eruptions have been evacuated due to safety. Some beaches and ocean tides have also been evacuated due to the chemicals in the lava when reacted to the ocean, sharp metals are produced which can puncture your lungs.

This short video shows the updates on the volcanos activivty and what it is doing to the environment.


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