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[2015] Matthew Mohan: Hawaii PD5

Hawaii is looked upon as a paradise that is made up of various islands. The land is very fertile which makes it easy to grow certain crops such as sugar cane which is very beneficial to the United States. The inhabitants of Hawaii are kind and ecstatic and welcome the U.S on their land. Its location also makes it a great middleman for business and a wonderful pit stop for U.S Naval ships to refuel and rebuild.


The president of the United States during the time of the annexation of Hawaii was William Mckinley. He supported the annexation of Hawaii and believed it was America's duty to fufill their Manifest Destiny and gain this new land.

During this time, the inhabitants of Hawaii had been ruled by a king named Kalakaua. However, the inhabitants of Hawaii were tired of being ruled by a leader. So one day white Hawaiian born planters forced Kalakaua into accepting a new Constitution that would give them control of the government. Upon his death in 1891, his sister Liliuokalani became heir to the throne.

Once Liliuokalani entered the throne, everything changed. She was a strong nationalist. This meant she opposed U.S control of the islands and sought to reduce the power of foreign merchants interacting with Hawaii. This would mean the decrease of trade including the trading of sugar between the U.S and Hawaii, which is why the U.S originally became interested in Hawaii for.

Hawaiians on the other hand did not approve of Queen Liliuokalani's rule. So in 1893, with the help of U.S Marines, pineapple planter Sanford B. Dole removed Queen Liliuokalani from power and proclaimed the islands of Hawaii a Republic.

As President McKinley once said, "We need Hawaii just as much as a good deal more than we did California. It is Manifest Destiny." After congress briefly considered whether the Hawaiian people wished to be annexed, the need for naval stations in Hawaii was needed in order for the U.S to protect it's world trade. Furthermore, in 1898 Congress approved the annexation of Hawaii.

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