Hawaii: Endangered Animals

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Hawaii: Endangered Animals

There are only about 12,000 humpback whales left.

After exhausting popular oil-producing baleen species such as bowhead, gray, humpback and right whales, whalers turned to leaner, less valuable alternatives such as sei and minke whales.Which let to more endangerment.

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Restoration and protection of mid-elevation forest is essential for the recovery of endangered species such as `Akiapōlā`au, Maui `Ākepas, and Hawai`i Creeper.

Human deforestation are a huge part of animal populations to go down.Preserving native forests and protecting endemic species should be a priority.

Invasive species are a major threat in Hawaii’s animals. Invasive species do not really have predators. Exotic plants and diseases can wreak havoc on native habitats.

There are about 25% of U.S. endangered species in Hawaii.There are about 25,000 thousand total species endangered in Hawaii.Hawaii is sometimes called the “endangered species capital of the world.”

Hawaii:Endangered Animals

Leather Back Sea Turtles

Humpback Whale


Nihoa Millerbird

Hawaiian Hawk (`Io)

Short-tailed Albatross,Hawaiian Petrel, Nēnē,Hawaiian Duck (Koloa), Laysan Duck,Hawaiian Hawk (`Io),Hawaiian Moorhen (`Alae `Ula),Hawaiian Coot (`Alae Ke`oke`o),Hawaiian Stilt (Ae`o),Hawaiian Crow (`Alalā),O`ahu Elepaio,Nihoa Millerbird,Kāma`o,Oloma`o, Puaiohi,Kaua`i `Ō`ō,Laysan Finch,Nihoa Finch,`Ō`ū, Palila,Maui Parrotbill,Kaua`i `Akialoa,Nukupu`u,`Akiapōlā`au,Hawai`i Creeper,O`ahu `Alauahio,Kākāwahie,Hawai`i `Ākepa,Maui `Ākepa,`Ākohekohe,Po`ouli are all endangered birds that are unique Hawaii.

BIRDS:Nearly all native Hawaiian forest birds are declining. There are about currently 31 endangered birds in Hawaii The Palila, found only on the Big Island, has declined from 6,600 birds in 2003 to 2,200 in 2008.Since humans arrived, 71 bird species have become extinct.Humans have introduced many bird species from other parts of the world: 43% of 157 species are not native.

By: Emily Dec

Hawaiian Monk Seal is one of the most endangered animals in the world.Population is decreasing approximately 4% per year.The population is currently only about 1,100.

Leather back sea turtles are federally listed as endangered.Often eggs and adults are illegally poached.Unfortunatly they often die from eating ocean litter.

The Hawaii Wildlife Center is a state-and region-wide wildlife response organization. The HWC is the first organization of its kind exclusively for native Hawaiian wildlife and provides state-of-the-art care and rehabilitation for native animals as well as comprehensive wildlife rescue training and public education and outreach programs.

The Marine Mammal Center has worked with species that are considered to be endangered or threatened.Our education programs teach nearly 30,000 people each year about marine mammals and the need for environmental stewardship of earth's marine environments, with the goal of inspiring ocean conservation.


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