Hawaii County Path to Zero Wate

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Environmental Studies

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Hawaii County Path to Zero Wate

Why Recycle?1. Good For Our Economy 2. Creates Jobs 3. Reduces Waste 4. Good For The Environment 5. Saves Energy 6. Conserves Landfill Space 7. Prevents Global Warming 8. Reduces Water Pollution 9. Protects Wildlife 10. Preserves the Future

Glass Bin•wine bottles•liquor bottles•mayo jars•baby food bottles.

2-Bin RecyclingMixed BinPaper of all types like:•corrugated cardboard•newspaper/office paper/mail•boxboard like cereal boxes Plastic containers like:•milk jugs•yogurt•ketchupMetal and aluminum cans like:•soup cans/metal cans•cat food cansPlastic bags• must be tied in a knot.

How can you help?1.Avoid single-use disposables.2.Buy products that can be reused or recycled. 3.Avoid buying items that are made of or packaged in non-recyclable. 4.When you go to a store take reusable shopping bags.5.Recycle used materials.6.Take your green waste to be made into mulch.

Hawaii County's Path to Zero Waste


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