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[2014] Katrina Barrett: Hawaii



The State Motto IsUa Mau ke ea o ka Aina,ka pono.which means the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.” This motto was further explained as“to do what is right in your life and for the land.”

Hawaii Pono'i LyricsHawaii pono'i Nana i kou, moi Kalani Ali'i, ke Ali'i. Makua lani e Kamehameha e Na kaua e pale Me ka i he.(Translation) Hawaii's own true sons,Be loyal to your chief Your country's liege and lord,The King Father above us all,Kamehameha, Who guarded in the war with his spear.

Famous people from HawaiiBarack obamaBruno MarsLia Marie JohnsonRyan HigaJack JohnsonBethany HamiltonMark FischbachNicole ScherzingerJanel ParrishMalak WatsonMarcus MriotaKayla RossTahj MowryBette MildlerAlana BlanchardLauren GrahamMaggie QLois LowryJay AlvarrezTaynn NagoCarrie Ann lnabaTia CarrereKelly PrestonJason MomoaNicholas CollettiTamara RappMalie FlanaganTimothy OlyphantManti TeoKelly HuTiara RappShane VictorinoKeahu KahuanuiRobin Olds

The State BirdNENE (Hawaiian goose)

Beathany Hamilton

Alana Blanchard

Barack Obama

Bruno Mars

Malie Flanagan

map of the hawaiian islands

Hawaii state flag

State Landforms:Wamea Canyon-it is discribed as the grand canyon of the pacific.Diamond Head-diamond head is the name of valcanic tuff.Aloha State Tower(in Honolulu)it stands as the most reconized buliding in Hawaii.Hawaii Volcanoes Natinal park-Valcanoes are monuments to Erths origin.Famous Sights:Barking Sand(on Kauai)-its called barking sand because it is in the location of picific missile range facilit,arocket launch site and also an offical missile defence testing aera,both controlled by the United States navy.Sea of Life Park (on oahu)-sea life park on oahu is a marine mammal park ,bird sanctuary and Aquarium near makapu'u point north of Hunama bay on the island of oahu in hawaii,united states. The park first opened in 1964,and includes exhibits that let vistors interact with the animals by swimming with dolphins,sea lions,and rays,taking a sea safari in the aquarium,and feeding the sea turtles.The park was acquired in 2008 and it is opreated by places entertainment.Kula Botanical Garden(on maui)-The garden was created in 1977 by Warren Mccord as a native hawaiian plant reseve it was Mauis first public gardens. The garden is locatied near the Heleakala Valcano,at an elevation of 3,000 feet,for both tropical and semitropical species. Today the garden contains nearly 2,000 plant verties,including collections of propea,orchids,bromeliads,native Hawaiian plants,trees including Koa and Kukui.Other features included and aviary,a koi pond,waterfalls,and covered brige.Kaimu Black Sand Beach (on Hawaii)-Kaimu was a small town in the puna district on the island of hawaii that was complealy distroyed by an eruptive flow of lava from the Kupaia'ianaha vent of the Kilauea valcano in 1990. In Hawaiian Kaimu means ((gathering (at the) sea)) as to watch surfing. The lava flow that distroyed Kaimu and near by Kalapana erupted from the southeast rifft zone of Kilaluen.Yearly events and festivalsHula Bowl football game in Honolulu (January)-The hula bowl was an independently adminarsted post-season invitation collage football game held each year in Hawaii from 1947-2008.The game last played at Aloha Stadium in the Halawa district of Honolulu, hawaii at one point the longest-running sporting event in hawaii, it had been considered a primer venue to launch proefessional careers in natinal football leauge. Hula bowl was a trademark in stitution of the down town althic club of heisman trophy frame.Lei Day Statewide (May)-Every day on may 1st, a statewide celebration takes place thats quintessentially Hawaiian: May day is lei day in hawaii wether your at work,school,strlling through town or going to the grocery store,everyone celebrates lei day by wearing a lei as a symbol of aloha as well as to honor the cherished custom of making and giving a lei,an island tradition since 1927,lei day was first convinced by writer/poet Don Blanding.Aloha Festivals Statewide (September/October)-Aloha festivals are an anual series of free celebration obesered in the state of hawaii in the united states. It is the only statewide cultural festival in the nation.It features concerts,parades,street parties,called ho'olaule'a as well as other special events planned for resident and tourist families. The festival usted to be mutil-island,but it has since been scaled down to just the island of Oahu.World cup of surfing on oahu (November/December)-The world cup of surfing is the 2nd jelwed vans triple crown of surfing, held at sunset beach, The big wave event is steep and tridinal, as the infamously long and shiffty is held in the higest esteem by big wave surfers all around the world.

Area:6,423 sq. mi.Size Rank:47population:1.42 millionRank:40Bodering bodies of water:Pacific OceanNo Bodering Country

average temperature in January and July- In junary, hawaii Hawaii the average temerature is 82-68.In Kauai the average temp is 80-64.In Lanai it is 76-60, Maui 87-65 Molokai 79-64, and Oahu 81-65. In July the average temperature in Hawaii is 86-74, Kauai 87-70, Lanai 83-66, Maui 87-71, Molokai 85-71, and on Oahu 88-75. climate and physical features affect lifestyle and industry-In the summer since hawaii is so hot it attracts more tourist and that means the tour guides get a lot more money.Also kids play more. Adluts with outside jobs get worm air and get more work done. people with inside jobs spend a lot of money on the air condition.

Agriculture, jobs, and industry: Water surf photographer- you get to spend your days in the water as a surfer and water as your mues.Marine Mammal Veternarian-hang out in a pool, play with dolphinsYoga Instructor-you get to own your own yoga studio.Farmer-you get your own farmBrewer-you get to make your own bear.State Products:Papayas-papayas are produced at the valcano isle friut companypineapples-from the dole company on Oahu, hawaiiMacadamia Nuts-hersheys owns the mauna loa brand.Coffee-the growing season begins in January and ends in June.How havejobs in your state changed overtime: befor when hawaii dident get a lot of tourist then once they started building more on it more tourist cameThat millennials make half the generation in hawaii 28.5./. millennials dont process so a lot of company's had to ajust to that They value/feedback in real time rather than an aluale preformance reans company's will do 5-10 evaluations a year.State Natural Resource: Soil-the soil is composed of lava, ash, soft sandy stone.Vegetation-because their are so many crops in hawaii and without it they woulden't have any trees , pineapples , pappn.Ground Water Supply-it is used for drinking water irrigat ion , and domestic , commercial , and industral needs.Srounding Oceans-you can do all theese cool things like Dolphin quest , glass bottom boat rides , scubs diving , and sunset cruises.

Human - Environment Interaction





Immigrant groups: Asian- most early immigration to the United States has been to Hawaii. Most of these early immigrants were imported to the island as ladorer to work on pineapple , coconut , and super plantations.Japanese- the Japanese in Hawaii simply Japanese or "local Japanese" really kepani are the second ethnic group in Hawaii at their hight in 1920 they constituted 43% of Hawaii's population.Spanish- the Spanish immigration to Hawaii began in 1907 when the Hawaiian government and the Hawaiian suger planter assoation CHSPAD decied to supplement their on going inporton of Portuguese workers



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