[2015] Sophie Remmey: Hawaii

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[2015] Sophie Remmey:  Hawaii

Ned hiked through forests and deserts while training in Hawaii

In the 1930s-1950s Hawaii was 10,931 square miles and had a population of 498,000 people. There is fertile soil and and the volcano Mauna Loa frequently erupts. Now the island is covered in palm trees, mountains, beaches surronded by a vast ocean and very expensive.


How Hawaii Affected Ned - On Hawaii, Ned learns that everyone is equal and has their own unique strengths. He figures this out when Lieutenant Stormy brings him and the marines out into the desert for training. The marines were supposed to travel the whole desert on foot, one canteen of water each. While the white marines canteen’s are almost empty by nightfall, Ned and the other Navajos haven’t had a sip of theirs. This is simply because the Navajos were resourceful people, and had spotted the cacti that were growing everywhere. These tough Navajos still have their canteens full, proving that they ARE just as tough as the other marines. Ned gets an even better lesson on how everyone is equal and has their own unique strengths when Stormy asks him to go bring more water from the camp, showing how white men CAN depend on Navajos. - ... Ned ships out and thinks it will be like a tropical paradise. Not so much. Then for training Ned is hiking across desert, the Navajos are drinking from the cactus pears and the others are very thirsty. They collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration. Lieutenant Stormy then asks the Navajos to bring back water from camp. Later during the war Ned is just waiting, waiting to do something while he is on a small break in Hawaii. While Ned waits he listens to Alex, another code talker’s story and realizes he is lucky to have Smitty and Georgia Boy by his side to help him. Months after the break he is shot in the shoulder by a Japanese sniper and is brought to Hawaii to rest and heal.

The state of Hawaii is located in the North Pacific ocean, just a few degrees south of the tropic of cancer, approximately 2,550 miles south-west of Los Angeles and about 3,900 miles southeast of Tokyo.

Climate of HawaiiHawaii has mild temperatures throughout the year, along with moderate humidity, persistence of northeasterly trade wind, significant differences in rainfall, and infrequent severe storms.

This video shows the bombing of Pearl Harbor; the action that got America to declare war on Japan.

Hawaiians speak Hawaiian and English

Hawaii was a very important island to the war training over 50,000 men and aiding the fight for Saipan-Tinian and Iwo Jima. A famous battle there was the bombing of Pearl Harbor when Japan bombed the U.S. Sadly they won that battle. However this battle got America involved and changed the course of the war. Japan could not defeat America.


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