[2015] Katherina Veeria: Hawaii

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[2015] Katherina Veeria: Hawaii


How did the Hawaiians help the Americans?The Hawaiians gave the Americans pineapples, a place to set up military bases and a place they could benefit from for business purposes.

What was result of the Americans arrival?Hawaii was annexed and proclaimed a republic. Queen Liliuokalani was removed from power.

Why the Americans come?Around the year 1887, Americans were invading Hawaii, but for a good reason. To renew their trading treaties with the hawaiians and to have their sugar sold in duty free in the United States.


Did the Hawaiians opposed to this?The Hawaiians didn't oppose to the Americans barging in on their land. They welcomed the foreigners with open arms.

What sparked their interest?- Americas involvement in Hawaii was through sugar and other resources such as tropical fruits, like pineapple.- The U.S government wanted to control some of the Pacific islands so the Americans can use it as a refueling and repairing stations for naval vessels and a military station.

Was their intervention neccessary?If it wasn't for the Americans, the citizens of Hawaii would still be under the rule of a king/queen. The citizens didn't want to be apart of a society where they weren't allowed to have self control over themselves. The Americans did the Hawaiians a favor by intervening, assisting them with bringing about change that benefited both the Americans and citizens of Hawaii. As for a result, Hawaii accepted a new constitution.

The Pineapple PlanterSanford B. Dole was a hawaiian citizen who helped remove Queen Liliuokalani from power. After the monarchy had been stopped from Hawaii, Dole had became president, where he then allowed Hawaii to become Westernized under the United States.

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