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Social Studies

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Casa Migles- Casa Migles is a great resturaunt in Havana, Cuba known for its Sweedish-Cuban food fusions.Paladar la FontanaThis Havana resturant specializes in barbeque if you dont want Sweedish-Cuban food

Fast Facts - Havana is a major attraction in Cuba and is home to Morro Castle, an old military fort.- Havana is also home to Musio Nacional de Bellas Artes, which is an art museum that has art dating back to 500 BC to present day


This is Havana from a perch view.

For entertainment you can visit Gran Teatro de la Habana, which is a large theater which is home to the Cuban National Opera.

Havana remains one of the most popular paces in Cuba today!

Be careful the taxis are extremely small, and barely even fit the passenger!

This is the Tropicoco Hotel in Havana, where you can stay for 5 days at a price of $332.72

Old Havana, a part of Havanathat looks like it did in 1715


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