Haunting of Hill

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Haunting of Hill

In a Chistmas Carol the real ghost was Scrooge he haunted himself by being miserable. He was like the evil ghosts making himself a bad person.

Haunting of Hill House and A Christmas Carol

"In one aspect, yes, I belive in ghosts, but we create them. We haunt ourselves."

Haunting Of Hill House Eleanor in The Haunting of Hill House was a ghost to herself, because her life before hill house wasnt good. She lost her mom, and her sister blamed it on her and she had nothing to do with her life but go to hill house. When she was at hill house she went crazy because she didnt want to leave, and that is how she created a ghost to haunt herself.

The Haunting of Hill House and A Christmas Carol relate to this quote becuase they both have the theme of a possible ghost. Both of the main characters in the books think there are ghosts haunting them, but it is really only them haunting themselves.

we belive in ghosts, but we also haunt ourselves.

In A Christmas Carol the ghosts coming to Scrooge were only trying to help him. Yes there were ghosts but they were coming to help Scrooge become a better person.


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