Haunted By Meg Cabot

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Haunted By Meg Cabot

ClimaxOnce Paul gets there Jesse was so angry with him that he punched Paul. After that they both just started fighting. It go so out of hand that they were eventually falling down the stairs and into the party that was goin on. Everybody was shocked to see Paul Slater rolling down the stairs bloody with no one there to push him.

Haunted by Meg Cabot Chasity Wright

Falling ActionSuze decides to try what Paul said that she could do. Which was tranfer herself and Paul to the otherworld., where she calmed him down and told him to leave Jesse alone.

Rising ActionSuze and Jesse were in her room talking about the flowers that Paul Slater gave to her to make up for what he did at his house, when Paul shows up at Suze's house.

ResoultionPaul decides to leave Jesse alone. Jesse has to move into the rectory, but before he left he showed Suze what she had been wondering about for so long. He showed her that he did love her by kissing her like he did just weeks before.

ExpositionIt all starts with a girl named Suze. She is a mediator, which means that she helps spirits to move on. Jesse is the ghost that lives in her house, the house he died in. Suze has feelings for Jesse but she doesnt know if he feels the same. Paul Slater on the other hand had tried to banish Jesse once before. Paul has feelings for Suze but she doesnt return them. So he gets angry with her.


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